Brandy Hoang Collier is a queer, Asian-American writer and composer from San Antonio, TX. She earned her BA from Texas A&M where she double-majored in Music and English. She also minored in Anthropology, and it's important to her that you know that.

While working at an online marketing agency in Austin, TX, Collier decided— with almost no prior theatre experience— that it would be a good idea to leave her steady job and move to New York to write musicals. She attended the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch where she earned her MFA and— more importantly— met her friend and business parter Jessie Field.

After graduating into the apocalyptic hellscape of 2020, Collier and Field founded Root Beer Occasion Theatre Company. With lots of help from their team and community, they're currently producing safe, in-person theatre, and broadcasting it online to bring hope and entertainment to humans everywhere.



I tried to write an artistic statement, but I'm better at showing than telling. So, instead, here are links to some groups and organizations I believe in. Derive my beliefs from this list, and donate if you can. This page is still under construction, so it'll have a longer list soon!

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