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Brandy Hoang Collier is an award-winning writer from deep in the heart of Texas. In some ways, she identifies as mixed race, Asian-American, disabled, and queer. In other ways, she's sick of identifying as anything. Why all these labels? It's the seventies, man. Free love, baby.

There was a time when Collier would have been tickled pink to tell you every detail of how she went from being a little ol' nobody back in San Antonio to being a hotshot playwright in New York the City; and it really is an interesting story. But she had a big year and spent so much of it talking about herself, so she's taking a little break from that.


Feel free to visit the work page if you want just a list of things Collier has worked on. She'll try her absolute darndest to keep it up to date.

As for now, Collier is currently living in New York. She spends her time unraveling conventions and inciting chaos in the theatre world through her paradigm-shifting storytelling and general vibes. In the colder months, she can be found watching any given Spurs game—in the summer, rooting for the Yankees.


"How do I say your name?"

I have, in the past, answered to “Brenda Hawang Callyer," so don't beat yourself up if you thought that was my name. But here's how I say it:


candy        song        holy day

Or, in a pinch, you can call me "HoCo" which is just a cute thing I'm trying to start.

"Where are you from?"

I'm proudly from San Antonio, Texas. Go Spurs Go!

"No, like... where are you from?"

Really, I'm from Texas! It's one of the fifty United States. Of America!

"Alright, fine! What race are you?"

Oh, I see. Why does everything have to be about race? Just kidding, I literally never shut up about it. I'm mostly Vietnamese on my mom's side and German on my dad's. Through my research, I've found both sides of my heritage to be rich in agricultural tradition and also in grotesque bedtime stories for children.

"Is that an OIL PAINTING of you???"

Oh, you noticed that? Goodness, I'm so embarrassed. Well, you have an excellent eye! Yes, it's true. A painter saw my face and was so stirred by my beauty that he was moved to recreate it on canvas. Oh, you don't believe me? Ask him yourself, see if I care. His name is Rodrigo Campos and you can find him here.


That's right, I do stuff other than theatre! Such as...

  • unlocking the secret ending of The Witness within the first five minutes of ever playing the game

  • instructing my friends on how to use creek water to regain use of our toilets when the electric water pump lost power at our rental cabin

  • parallel parking a U-Haul van on Coney Island Ave while simultaneously de-escalating a confrontation between my friend's Turkish mother and an aggravated Italian man from the neighborhood

  • that one time I held out my hand and a baby squirrel came running across a field, up my body, and directly into my palm

  • attending at least a dozen separate Dr. Dog concerts, including their experimental art show in 2015 and also one with my dad in 2021

  • hitting 62 home runs in a single season of Major League Baseball

  • just kidding, that was Aaron Judge, whose game-used bat I held once


I tried to write an artistic statement, but I'm better at showing than telling. So, instead, here are links to some groups and organizations I believe in. Derive my beliefs from this list, and donate if you can. This page is still under construction, so it'll have a longer list soon!

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